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Bike Safety Helmet


Strong pp shells with shock-absorbing materials reduce impact and provide ultimate protection
Crafted with superior quality materials to resist wear and abrasions
Textured grippy surfaces prevent unwanted slippage and ensure safety
Serves as an ideal accessory for professional cycling sessions
Adjustable straps offer a secure, comfortable fit

OverviewMaterial: Polypropylene, Head Circumference: 55-62 cm, Set Includes: 1x Helmets, 1x Goggles


Capacity 2.153 L
Colour Name Black/White
Department Unisex
Material PVC
Model Name 972B
Model Number 972B
Product Height 18 cm
Product Length 26 cm


Bike Safety Helmet: Protect Your Head on the Road

Safety is foremost, especially at the time of driving a bike. Therefore, wearing a bike safety helmet is important to save our heads from injuries. If any unfortunate event an accident happens this product significantly reduces the risk of injuries. However, the skull of the human body is prone to fractures at the time of driving a bike. A road bike helmet saves you from head trauma and sometimes even death.

A helmet reduces the impact of force which hits someone at the time of an accident. However, it becomes a barrier between the surface and one’s head. In this way, it saves your face and scalp from abrasions.

Introduction to Bike Safety Helmets

Bike helmets are specially designed to provide protection to your head at the time of driving a bike. Wearing a bike helmet in uae is mandatory for bike drivers of all age groups and all skillful bike drivers as well. We offer the most affordable bike helmet price in UAE of different sizes. Choose a road bike helmet that properly fits. Indeed, you should choose a properly fitting helmet. It is because the correct manner of wearing it means the difference between a minor accident and a life-changing injury.

Benefits of Wearing a Bike Safety Helmet

Other than providing you the complete security at the time of driving your bike. The best Bike helmet in Dubai saves you from bad weather and increases your visibility at the time of driving bike. Our high-quality helmets save you from distractions.

If reaching somewhere is very important and you can not afford to stop then do not be afraid of bad weather. Our bike helmet uae will save you from gusts, rain, and the sun’s UV damage. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about helmets for bikes in Dubai price. We offer the most affordable price in the market. Plan a trip to some faraway places. Your helmet will play the role of your protector. We offer helmet motorcycles in Dubai of all famous brands. No one can predict the next coming moment. Therefore, one should never show negligence in fulfilling precautions. 

How to Choose the Right Bike Safety Helmet

Picking a helmet for bike UAE is not a difficult decision to make. You can get the one which you find more attractive and comfortable. It should have a chin strap that you can easily buckle and unbuckle. So, you can easily move your helmet up and down. Do not make it too tight or too loose. Feel comfortable and drive with complete focus. Your helmet should meet safety standards and it should provide you with a stylish look while you wear it. We provide mountain helmet bikes according to the preferences of beginners and experienced riders.

In addition, you should check the adjustment of the road bike helmet on your face. It should perfectly fit on your head. Edges should not come on your forehead so that your visibility should not get disturbed.

How to Properly Wear and Maintain Your Bike Safety Helmet?

Proper wearing of BMX helmets is essential to ensure safety. Check its comfort fitting and it should not move. Firmly close the straps near the ears while taking it from the chin. The front edges of your helmet should have a gap of two fingers from your eyebrows. Keep your helmet in good condition. Regularly check cracks, scratches, and dents. One should avoid using a damaged bike helmet. If unfortunately, any accident happens with your helmet then replace it immediately. Most importantly, keep your cycling helmet away from sunlight. Keep these in a cool and dry place. Do not keep these near chemicals and gasoline.

Reviews and Recommendations for Bike Safety Helmets

We provide different kinds of helmets according to your need and situation. Our customers prefer buying the product from our online marketplace because of its high quality. The following helmet types are in huge demand:

  • Kids Bike Helmet
  • Bike Helmet for Adults
  • Cycling Helmet
  • Skateboard Helmet
  • Full Face Helmet
  • Half Face Helmet
  • Aerodynamic Helmet
  • Commuter Helmet

Design Your Own Promotional Bike Safety Helmet &Bike Safety Helmet with Logos

Have a different style of your motorcycle helmet in Sharjah by designing a logo on it. Numerous companies print the logo of their company to meet the purpose of advertisement. It is about making in the shines while wearing road bike helmets and endorsing some brands. Everyone on the road starts recognizing you. Get the size of your helmet according to your requirement. You can get kids’ bike helmets, customized bike safety helmets,s, and bike safety helmets. We always prioritize the need of our privileged customers. Make your helmet according to your need. 

Furthermore, individuals can print a design on cycling helmets to follow the trend in the market. Come on the road in your own style and exhibit the beauty of your bicycle helmet. Many people in Dubai place their orders to buy from us because we are the bike helmet shop near them. Another dominant reason is that we offer the most affordable bike helmet price in UAE. Place your order now to get a custom bike helmet.

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