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  • Nano-moisturizing Sprayer with large capacity water tank, fog large, and continuous water.
  • Gives the finest ionic mist spray to moisturizes
  • Made of great quality to ensure a daily supply


– Recharged by USB, with is very portable to carry and use. 

– Easy operation, High-frequency shock, resulting in a large number of ions of fine mist particles. 

– This nano water sprayer with a large water tank can penetrate deep and vitalize the skin for easy use. 

– Atomized particles are more delicate and easily absorbed. 

– Use natural mineral water and do not add pure water, distilled water, etc. If the water quality density is too high or too low, it will cause the syringe to clog or clog.


Power Supply Polymer Battery 180 mAh
Colour Name White/Clear
Model Name V-31


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