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Key Chain

COLORS: Bronze
SIZE: Ø 4.8 x 1.2 cm

• Extremely sensitive with precision dial
• The loop on the Compass attaches to Key chains, Backpacks, etc
• Excellent for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities


Shop the Best Key Chains Online – Find Your Perfect Accessory


The incident of losing keys often happens with everyone of us. The only solution to save yourself from this problem is to keep keys in an organized form. Therefore, people keep their keys in key chain. Access to become easier with a key chain holder. We provide wall-mounted, magnetic, decorative and in many other different styles. You can get the one which suits your style and need.

Furthermore, we provide a classic leather keychain. It is one of the latest trends and many people crazily follow it. You can explore a wide range of colours on our online marketplace. Meanwhile, if you want to buy with silicone or fabric material, then these are aslo available at our online shop. Carry your keys in your hands with a style, without fear of losing keys.

Creative Ways to Use Keychains for Your Dubai Business

Placing a chain with key is also a useful technique to keep keys together. Many business owners take the complete advantage and use customised key chain ring holder to promote their business. However, send gifts to your loved ones and write memorable message on it. Companies can gift this product to their employees. You can print a key chain with name of your loved one to present on special occasions. You can print logo of your company on car key chain. Use it as a give away item in trade shows and concerts. Give a loyalty gift to your loyal customers with a key chain for car key. It is a small act of good deed but it creates a very strong impact. It is good to create a eye-catchy and unique designs to build a stronger relationship.

How to Choose the Perfect Keychain: A Guide for Dubai Residents

Buying keychain accessories dubai seems a small decision but it creates a significant impact in your lifestyle. One should check the material, size and design of keychains with printing. You can print your favorite picture on metal keychain UAE. Most importantly, one should consider the number of keys before buying the key holder. It should have enough capacity to safely carry your keys. You can personalize your keychain by printing your name on it. In addition, you can make a unique design which defines some meaning. 

Personalized Keychains: The Perfect Dubai Souvenir for Your Next Event

If you are looking for an original and memorable custom Keychain gift ideas for your next event in Dubai. You should not ignore the importance of personalized keychains! It is a practical and affordable option, you can customize with the logo of your company, event name, or special design. Besides serving as a reminder of the event, they will also be useful accessories that your guests can use every day. With various materials, colors, and shapes available, you can find a keychain that fits your event theme. Personalized keychains are a thoughtful and practical way to show your guests your appreciation and make your event stand out.

Keychain Fashion: The Latest Trends and Styles for 2023

Print Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa on your Burj Khalifa keychain souvenir. Show a different style in prominent parties. In addition, make keychains a fashion statement in their own right. The key ring in 2023 will continue to be a trend toward personalization, such as adding initials or names. You can add bold colors, unique textures, and playful designs. Materials such as leather, metal, and silicone will continue to be emphasized. Keychains will also become larger and more elaborate, featuring charms, tassels, and other decorative elements. Whether you prefer a classic or trendy style, there is a keychain that will complement your personality and enhance your everyday appearance.

One of The Top Keychain Shops in Dubai: Where to Find Unique and High-Quality Keychains

We are one of the leading custom Keychain supplier and manufacturer in Dubai. Anytime you can place your order on our online marketplace to get personalized and engraved keychains. In addition, we offer the most affordable price in Dubai.

Design Your Own Promotional key chain &Custom key chain with Logos

Get a keychain with photo. Show your imaginations to the world. Consider making your own keychains! A promotional luxury keychains in Dubai is a great way to promote your brand and leave a lasting impression. A variety of materials, shapes, and colors are available, including metal, silicone, and leather. Your business can use keychains as giveaways at events, employee gifts, or marketing tools. Design a keychain that represents your brand and stands out!

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