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Discover Our Collection of High-Quality Face Masks

We offer the most affordable face mask price in UAE. You can get mouth mask, N95 masks, medical mask, and many others. You can get those that are made up of non-woven material. 

Face Masks requirements of men & women 

However, the requirements for men and women in face masks are generally the same. But face mask for men have different styles, and women’s face masks in UAE have different styles. Both genders should wear a face mask that properly covers the nose and mouth to help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. The mask should fit snugly but comfortably without restricting breathing or causing discomfort. The type of mask may vary depending on personal preferences or specific needs, but it’s important to follow local guidelines and recommendations for face mask use.

Why wearing face masks in UAE is important?

Wearing face masks in UAE is very important after the spread of COVID-19. Because the government has made in mandatory for people to wear these in public places, you can buy the best facemasks in UAE from our online platform. 

How well do face masks protect against COVID-19?

One should never show negligence in wearing the best face mask in Dubai because respiratory droplets can contain the COVID-19 virus. According to the research of many health journals, a full face mask reduces virus transmission. When you use a product of low quality, then it starts creating irritation. But our products are specially designed to keep your face mask skin safe from itching. You will not feel discomfort because of itching.

Indeed, face masks have become an essential item of our daily lives after the pandemic. And customers specifically add the best face mask in their grocery items, which is good because everyone should take care of their health. Therefore we offer face masks for sale so that customers do not find burdens of their pockets. If you’re looking for a Covid-19 savior, then get our armour face mask, which is water-resistant and soft. It also contains a breathable inner layer.

How do the different types of masks work?

We offer different types of face masks, which are commonly used to protect you from respiratory illnesses. In the marketplace of face masks UAE, our N95 respirators,  surgical masks, and cloth masks are in huge demand because of their material. Let us have a brief discussion on their material, face mask price, and their role in your protection:

Surgical masks

Surgical masks are loose-fitting covers, but these provide some extra protection because of several layers of material. It is designed in a way that faces is covers properly. You remain safe from large droplets after wearing these masks. It protects the wearer from splashes of bodily fluids. We offer the best surgical-style mask in the market. So that one looks good at the time of wearing and does not feel uncomfortable even wearing it for a long time.

N95 respirators

N95 respirators are disposable face masks. These fit accurately on all types of faces. However, N-95 respirators are tight-fitting, but these are specially designed to filter out 95% of small airborne particles. In addition, these create a seal and do not let the air leak from inside or outside. You will find multiple layers of synthetic materials. These layers are specially made to capture small particles. It is considered one of the best face masks for covid.

Cloth masks

These masks are made from various types of cloth and can be designed in many different styles. Many people prefer to get black face masks or white face masks. However, you can make a choice of your own favorite color. They are typically made from multiple layers of fabric and are designed to create a barrier between the wearer and others to prevent large droplets from being expelled by the wearer. Therefore, many prefer to get silk face masks because they are soft and gentle on the skin. 

We offer FDA-approved surgical masks


We always offer FDA-approved surgical masks. Choosing the right type of mask for your specific needs is important. So you can take complete advantage of its effectiveness. However, many prefer to get a disposable face mask to reduce the risk of contamination. 

What is the difference between a surgical mask and a disposable mask face?

There is a slight difference between a surgical mask and a disposable mask face. Surgical masks are designed for medical experts. These are made up of multiple layers of material to provide more effective filtration. 

Whereas disposable masks are simpler in design and are intended for general use by the public. We offer disposable masks for all ages, so one faces difficulty finding a suitable mask.

What we’re looking for


  • Authenticity
  • Fit Comfort
  • Availability

How to get the most from your mask?


Buy Face Mask from our online marketplace to get the most from your mask and maximize its effectiveness.  Having a good familiarity with your circumstances and needs, the mask selection matters the most. If you need to get one for regular use, then go for surgical masks, and if you need to visit some high-risk place, then prefer buying an N95 respirator. The following steps will help you get out the most from your mask.

  • Ensure a proper fit
  • Wear the mask correctly.
  • Keep the mask clean
  • Use the mask consistently

Ensure a proper fit

The mask should fit comfortably over your nose, mouth, and chin. The face mask should leave no gap for the air to leak.

Wear the mask correctly.

Do not miss the mouth and nose area at the time wearing a face mask. You should not touch your skin at the time of wearing it. If adjusting is necessary, first wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Keep the mask clean

If using a cloth mask, wash it regularly with soap and water or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If using a disposable mask, dispose of it properly after use.

Use the mask consistently.

Wear the mask consistently and in all situations where it’s recommended or required, such as in crowded public spaces.

What about face shields?

Face shields are another type of protective equipment used to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses. The plastic shield covers the entire face. 

Face shields provide a barrier to prevent respiratory droplets from entering the wearer’s mouth, nose, or eyes. When you need to make close contact with people, then these provide complete protection. It is recommendable to people who work in healthcare centers.


Design Your Own face mask & Custom face mask with Logos

Designing your own face mask or custom face mask with logos can be a fun and creative way to personalize your protective equipment. Get stylish face masks and print your favorite logo on them.

We offer universal face masks for sale so that general customers can use them for non-medical purposes. However, it is pertinent to mention that saving you from illnesses and viruses is our top priority. Therefore, we never compromise on the quality of the product.

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